If I added it up right breaking down the team race between Minny and PSU, if all the supposed "favorites" win their respective matches (unlikely I know), I believe it would break down as follows:

PSU starts with a +.5 lead.
125 - +3.5 PSU lead: Nico goes 2-0 vs Clark and Peters
133 - +3.5 PSU: Thorn goes 0-2, losing to Schoop and Beckman
141 - +4.5 PSU: Retherford goes 1-1, losing to Port, beating Henderson
149 - +4.5 PSU: English loses to Maple
157 - +4.5 PSU: Ness loses to Dieringer
165 - +8.5 PSU: Taylor beats Caldwell, Zilverberg loses to Harger
174 - *Wildcard Match* (I don't consider either a favorite) If by seed, Brown beats Storley then loses to Kokesh, and Storley loses to Brown and to Evans. +10.5 PSU
However... If it goes the other way it's a 4 point swing. +6.5 PSU
Worst case scenario for PSU; Storley goes 2-0, beating Brown then Kokesh and Brown loses to Evans... again. +5.5 PSU
184 - +12.5 PSU: Ruth wins and Steinhaus goes 1-1, losing to Dean.
197 - +10.5 PSU: Schiller wins out, McIntosh beats Burak
Hwt - +6.5 PSU: Nelson wins.

(Worst case scenario at 174: Storley goes 2-0 and Brown goes 0-2, its +1.5 for PSU)

Obviously wrestling to seed hasn't been a major theme at this year's tournament but if PSU can do what they're capable of they should pull this out. Same scenario against Okie St but at an even larger margin, (+6.5 PSU if 174 Storley wins out and Brown goes 0-2). Amazing efforts from Minny, Okie St and PSU, should be exciting tomorrow!