It's mid-season and I was hoping to get your thoughts on what you have seen and what you expect out of your team going forward

My thoughts on Iowa

125- Gilman and Clark are both fantastic. It appears to be Gilman's job at this point, which I think he has earned. That being said, I think Clark is still the guy with the higher upside and could win it all if he gets his weight under control. Gilman's lack of consistent leg attacks and the fact that I don't see him scoring much bonus at nationals is a little concerning. I think Gilman wrestles the rest of the season as the Hawks starter and has a solid March. 3-6 solid AA

133- Has struggled a little more this season than I was expecting, but I still have confidence that he can get it done in March. He wrestled the type of match last night that he needs to against other top competition. Maintain position and take what is there. 1-4 and possible champ

141- If Josh gets his head on straight he can have an AA season but he needs to straighten things out. If he stops trying to force things on top and competes for the escape instead of constantly trying for the reversal he'll be in much better shape. These are things that can be corrected and I'm sure the Brands brothers are in his ear. 6-R12 or maybe lower if he doesn't tighten things up

149- Brody Grothus has gone from zero to hero in a matter of weeks. I went from thinking we were going to have trouble qualifying this weight at nationals to thinking we are going to have a seeded wrestler. I still think Maple wins this weight and I wouldn't put Grothus in the class of Houdesholt or Dardanes yet but think he has shown that he can beat any wrestler in this weight on any given night. I'm still not sure how good Brody is or can be. 4-R12 but don't hold me to it

157- DSJ is still the man and contrary to popular belief I think James Green is his biggest threat. I'm not as high on Dieringer as most folks and think he is being slightly overrated because he has mainly avoided the awesome talent in the Big 10 at this weight. I think DSJ repeats and I can't see him finishing lower than third even on his worst day. 1-3 finish and he is the favorite

165- I'm beginning to think that Nick Moore might have a chance at crashing the finals in March. He is significantly improved from the guy that we saw last year and has done a great job at getting to the legs of even elite defenders. If I had one complaint it would be that he is still getting ridden too much. 2-5 and is looking like a solid AA

174- Not enough improvement from neutral to beat the top guys. I hope he turns it on but right now I think he is solidly behind the top 5 and significantly ahead of the number 7 ranked guy. 6 on an island by himself

184- Lofthouse is Lofthouse. I am relatively confident he will AA but don't know if he'll finish second or sixth. 2-6 solid AA

197- I'm super happy the pulled his redshirt because he needs to AA if Iowa has any chance to win in March. He needs to make strides to get it done, but it's not impossible. R12 guy from what I've seen so far

285- Bobby has some nice wins, but he is getting nothing going offensively. I expected him to finish top 5 but am a little concerned about him right now. 3-6 solid AA

There is still a lot of season left and these projections are of course subject to change. I think that Iowa has the potential to AA at all 10 weights, but obviously am not predicting that to happen. I'm predicting 7-8 AA with a couple of guys in the finals and hopefully two champs. Lay out the projections for your teams and let me know what you think of these.