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    Default Supplemental Draft

    Do you guys want to do an abbreviated Supplemental Draft?

    I absolutely want to, I have no 174 pounder and I have an injured 141 pounder who's out for the year.

    Would you guys want to do a one or two round supplemental?

    we'd have to do it in the next couple days or so.
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    I don't because we passed the window where we would normally do one

    But maybe I'm biased because my team is so stellar already

    If everyone else wants to throw one together I wouldn't oppose it
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft

    I'm good without one.
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    I wouldn't mind doing one.
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    Default Re: Supplemental Draft

    I'll support one to help those not as fortunate as I am right now, I still am not sure why the hell Lost is destroying me though
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