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Thread: Virginia Tech vs Hofstra Results

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    Default Virginia Tech vs Hofstra Results

    125 pounds: #20 Joey Dance (VT) defeated Jamie Franco (3-1 decision)
    133 pounds: Jamel Hudson (H) defeated #17 Erik Spjut (9-5 decision)
    141 pounds: #3 Devin Carter (VT) defeated #11 Luke Vaith (pinfall at 2:55)
    149 pounds: #5 Zach Neibert (VT) defeated Cody Ruggirello (13-9 decision)
    157 pounds: Nick Terdick (H) defeated Sal Mastriani (10-6 decision)
    165 pounds: #11 Joseph Booth (H) defeated #16 Chris Moon (5-3 decision)
    174 pounds: #17 Austin Gabel (VT) defeated Victor Pozsonyi (5-1 decision)
    184 pounds: Nick Vetterlein (VT) defeated Dwight Howes (14-6 major decision)
    197 pounds: Chris Penny (VT) defeated David Heitman (pinfall at 2:57)
    285 pounds: Ty Walz (VT) defeated Michael Hughes (6-4 decision (SV))
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    Default Re: Virginia Tech vs Hofstra Results

    Nice win for Carter

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    Looks like Booth can still wrestle despite being in his late 30s and entering his 17th year of college competition
    Gold is an idiot.

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