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    I got tired of seeing the 2013 Iran Team Trial thread so I figured I'd start a new one here for the hell of it. Maybe this has been said before but here it is:

    After watching a few of his international matches I think that Metcalf's biggest shortcoming, the one thing keeping him from becoming elite at the international level, is that he lacks elite explosion - both offensively and in defensive positions/scrambles. Now, I am not saying that he isn't strong and we all have heard otherwise numerous times from his college opponents. We also all know that he is a grinder that usually is going to win matches if it comes down to the third period. But his initial world championship match this past year and a few of his other matches shows me that he may be susceptible to getting out-horsed early in matches to the point where he can't come back in the third.

    It may just be that his reactions in general aren't at the elite level but It looks like he needs a little extra burst that he currently doesn't have. His shots look comparatively slow to his competition and I have seen him get nailed with power takedowns a few too many times. I think that a beefed up, more powerful/explosive Metcalf who needs to make a little bit more of a cut to get to his weight outperforms the current Metcalf we have, who is in superior condition cardio-wise but (at least to me) seems a little outgunned by the bigger guys on the international scene.

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    Melcalf relies heavily on being able to wear down and frustrate his opponents. He's really good at this, and has been able to light up some very good wrestlers (ie this year's bronze medallist from Russia). Taghavi is a bigger, stronger guy who won't have any of that, despite being in poor shape for this tournament. just controls the ties and the match to the extent that Metcalf cant beat him up physically. Metcalf also tends to get out of position on his own shots, especially his high-crotches, and gets counter-exposed a lot.

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    I think his tendency of being out of position is due more to the speed of his attack. I think at times his opponents have more time to adjust and counter his shots/attacks due to the missing explosive speed. At this level he needs one more notch to the attack that worked extremely well in college. He never seemed to be out of position in college, but he is using the same stuff here to varied success. He doesn't seem noticeably slower to you?

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    To be honest I never saw that many of his college matches, but I agree that speed isn't really one of his strength. I do know that in college he could shoot that cross-body high crotch and finish in a scramble position, and when he tries to do it in FS, he gets counter-exposed a lot.

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    I agree that Metcalf is definitely coming up short on the international scene but the in my opinion the reasons why he is falling short discussed here are very north american minded. I would wager that Metcalf can out bench, out squat and out run every guy in his weight class. Heck he probably can clean and jerk more weight too which is a good measure of explosive power. North Americans aren't losing international matches because of their physical prowess, but rather fundamental wrestling basics. At the highest level, matches are not being decided by who is more conditioned/stronger, they are being decided by who has the better feel, technique and position. Out of 100 matches, how many are won primarily because of one wrestler not having the gas tank to wrestle? Explosive power and conditioning while important to have, are the easiest thing to train a 20-30 year old athlete. Feel, position, strategy and technique however, must be mastered before wrestler has even a hope of winning a match at the senior level. A wrestler with superior feel and technique will not simply gas out in matches that matter. I really feel that metcalf and many of our other athletes fail because of our focus on conditioning and strength training instead of working on maxing out our wrestler's technical capabilities.

    Even if you look at a wrestler like burroughs. Many people think that he wins simply because he is an explosive freak of nature. While is explosiveness is a factor, the reason why he is able to take people down at will is because of his incredible timing, feel, hand-fighting and movement.

    In a match where two wrestlers are trying to break one another through grinding, superior conditioning will always win. Which is why it is so popular a style in North America. When one opponent is trying to out wrestle an opponent who is trying to "break" him, the one trying to out wrestle will walk away with the win, and the grinder will walk away, untired but with a loss.

    I really hope we can change our focus away from trying to "break" opponents to being able to out wrestle our opponents. Once guys like metcalf realize this, they will win world titles.

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