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Thread: Let's Save TWT

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    Quinn--Good solution to the archiving problem--limit the work to just the few important posts!

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    I joined this site on 3/22/09 (the day I returned home from my first National tournament). My wife, her family and friends were huge wrestling (IOWA) fans and I loved my experience at nationals and wanted to learn all I could about the sport. I remember doing a google search and came to TWT. Although I dont post very often I have learned so much about wrestling from this site. It would be a real shame to not have this as a resource for me or for any new fans that want to learn about this great sport. I am now a member of may different forums but I still call TWT home!

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    I'm going to suggest that you archive everything that I posted because it was all brilliant. You can get rid of all the garbage others have posted though.
    (note to self delete all posts except Quinn's)

    We will be keeping all the content from year's past. One of the ways new people find the site is by doing google searches on old wrestling tournaments, news, etc and then TheWrestlingTalk shows up in the search results. So it is important to keep all the content that helped build this site as it will continue to make google happy and will result in new contributors finding the site.

    Contacted Shane Jensen, by the way. He's been out of the loop and very busy but intends to come back...

    Someone said earlier that a lot of the gizmos and random adds on the site aren't a big deal, on that I agree. Things like the arcade and so on don't need to stay (and may not even still work, not sure). There are some more important things that broke though that we will try to fix (namely the wrestling videos page but also stuff like the blogs).

    Kristen's paypal account is set up. wrestlingshoes1 at gmail dot com is the address to send to. Some of you without paypal inquired about sending checks, just send me a message again and I will give you her updated address in New Mexico.

    Thanks again to everyone for supporting this forum throughout the years; with your help and continuous posting it will never die. Even during the times when it was down with server issues and hacking, we never planned to let it go, no matter how discouraging it may have been. With the new host it should run faster, be safer, bring in more people, and continue to grow towards what it once was.

    Any questions or comments just let us know.

    TWT 4 life

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    Thanks for the updates phillipines. I'll be sending some money at the end of the month.

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    Money sent. will send more in a few weeks.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Are new people able to join the board? I know this was not working for a long time, with people trying to join and being unable to. It's important that new members are able to participate.

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    Thanks for your contributions so far, folks. Paypal address is above for those who didn't see it, and if you want to send a check just PM me and I'll give you her address.

    arm-spin - new members are able to join. I surmise that I've got maybe 20 new sign-ups in the last month or two, since I changed the sign-up process. Basically if you go to register it goes to a simple html page saying to email wrestlingshoes1 at gmail and I'll manually create the account. Too many hackers / spammers got in through the natural registration method, unfortunately, so we had to shut that down a long while ago (and since made this work-around to get new people in).

    I think only a few of those sign-ups have posted, granted it was out of season so maybe we get more newcomers as the season gets in gear. I definitely agree, having new people is essential for growing the forum. It would nice to not have a half-ass sign-up method lol, but it kind of works nice because I can tell if they are a real person or not and I'm working on the computer all day so it only takes me a few hours at most to response to their email's and get them registered.

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    Peeps (#oldschooltalk),

    Sorry I haven't been on here lately. It started like this: Around March, my "Gold" account got hacked or whatever, and I was never able to log in again. JensenS reset the password for me and it still didn't work. He started this new one for me and I used that through the end of the season but then the same thing happened to this log in and I got sick of it.

    Also, I just haven't been paying nearly as much attention to wrestling as I did for 5-7 years. I've barely paid attention so far, honestly, merely because of some other life priorities that have arisen.

    Nonetheless, I love this site. In it's heyday it was the best wrestling site on the web. I try not to tell the people how much I've learned over an internet community because it sounds a little pathetic, but it's really been a ton: Practicing formulating logical arguments and thoughts, considering how people are going to react to things when managing a fantasy league, and a lot more. That sounds mushy but it's true.

    PhilippinesOrphanage: You mentioned that you emailed me a new password for my "Gold" account. The issue is, I know longer have access to that email account as it was my college email address. So if you could email it to this account's email address, I appreciate it. Or just give it to vaisforlovers and he will pass it on to me.

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    Where you been all my life Gold?

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