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Thread: Let's Save TWT

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilippinesOrphanage View Post

    Well, I didn't put the email address in like that so the bots don't get it and spam the hell out of it .
    Haha, tell Kristen good luck! I'd remove the email address in DC's post if I were you.

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    Oh I will. I know he was just trying to help anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Daddy's back in business!! Not in the literal, employed sense, but in the sense that I'm able to log in to my original account again.

    Thanks Philippines.

    Herkey I was thinking something a little more creative. I'm flashing back to that first Stieber/Ramos match. Perhaps I missed a golden signature opportunity when you were speaking your foolishness about Maple beating Stieber.
    Shouldn't you be in line at the soup kitchen or something? Remember the good old days when Gold couldn't post?

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Well, that sucked.

    The server we were on was getting a huge DDoS attack (and is continuing to be attacked as far as I know; the site is now moved to a different server from the same host). Which means, it had nothing to do with anything on this site but just the server

    We've already had donations from a few people so I'm going to ramp up the pressure on Kristen to get the new server. This will be a good example of why to do it because it wouldn't have happened on HostGator. Note that when we do move the sites, it will be after we've tested that they work and will be during the week (I'm thinking on like a Tuesday) since that seems to be the least busy time for the site (but I'm just guessing on that and assuming most tournaments are on the weekend, so if I'm wrong let me know). This will be so as to have as minimal downtime as possible.

    Will keep you guys updated on this. Thanks again to those who have donated already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    TC and PO thanks for all you do. I have been around since the beginning. I have spent countless hours promoting this site via radio and other places. Is it the vbulletin software or why is the site going down so often? Do we need to think about going to a more secure software; or maybe we should require a more complicated password structure for all users? Thanks for all you do.

    While I agree with the sentiment of your 2nd post VA. You could have titled your thread a bit more constructively. I hope we are able to build the site back to it former glory. However it may take some time due to the amount of downtime recently.

    If it is a matter of money lets put our heads together and work out a solution.
    I want to further what all the members & posters say with regards to looking forward every day towards coming on this site & discussing wrestling. I really appreciate having TWT here the past 4 years. is going all

    I have plenty of free time to help out but no extra cash as that all goes basically to my health care. However the time I have has become limited in a sense that I cannot predict how I physically feel on a day to day basis & hence that might render me un able to work or help out & just further frustrate the situation if I promised to help out.

    My ability to log on will remain part time until I better recover. If I am capable of helping out with my time I will let you know PO & TC.

    I quoted WILTZ here to just say I SECOND his post!

    I may not have been at the beginning but I have put a lot of effort into promoting wrestling, particularly the PSU program (obviously) & hope to able to the same again, soon....much to the chagrin of Hawkeye & Gopher fans everywhere! :P

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