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Thread: 2013-2014 Rules

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    I agree with yakrider - let's score them all.

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    I would want something to qualify a tournament Maybe 2 D1 teams wrestling full line ups. There are some weak duals, but one or two matches is different than a weak tournament where a decent guy can get 4-5 falls.

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    i think the qualification for counting should be minimal if we decided to have qualifications. i didn't look at the schedules as of yet but i know iowa typically has a dual tournament early where they wrestle non d-1 teams and send their best and get 3 wins against teams blair, stparis and clovis could probably beat. if we do limit tournaments i would think 2-3 d-1 teams should qualify it maybe?
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    I vote for counting all matches wrestled. Any other system will inevitably result in quality matches being ignored. If your guy has a powderpuff schedule, then good on you for considering that factor. Arbitrarily ignoring some matches to relieve the responsibility of evaluating schedules is lazy, unfair, and amateurish. Just my 2 cents.

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