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Thread: Strikeforce April 11th

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    Default Re: Strikeforce April 11th

    The Shamrock fight was so sad. He did not look himself at all. Diaz manhandled him. A year ago, who woulda thunk?

    Great card nonetheless.

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    Default Re: Strikeforce April 11th

    I'm disappointed in Frank, that was bad. did not look like a veteran against a guy much smaller than he's used to fighting. At least people can't believe he'd beat Tito again.

    Some great fights and the colors and clarity of that broadcast is very nice.

    Shields - Lawlor is a great fight but I don't think it will last more than one round.

    Smith Radach was awesome, like both of those guys a lot.

    Wonder why Bas never commentated for the UFC? dana must have tried to get him back a long time ago, has a great personality and funny to listen to
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    Strikeforce always has great crowds and that always makes the fights seem that much more important and exciting.

    Shamrock seemed like a shell of him. Seemed very sloppy and sluggish combine that with facing a tough opponent who is a bad style matchup and you end up with that result.

    Gus Johnson is great announcer. He may not have a great understandng of mma but he always injects excitement into whatever sport he is covering.

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    As much as I like Frank, he got his ass kicked and I really hope he didnt shat himself like he said he did.

    I'd like to see Diaz fight Cung Le.
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