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Thread: The Losses of Dan Gable Article

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    The baseball references you used were cheaters. Gable didn't cheat. Pete Rose would have been a great example, IMO.

    I just re read that and I sound like a condesending ass. But I know you won't take it that way so I'm leaving it as it is. \m/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    I seriously doubt that he would have ever caused physical harm to his daughters. He just punched holes through doors instead. It's probably a great temporary stress reliever.
    You're probably right, but from a kid's standpoint, hearing an enraged parent punching holes in walls or doors is scaring and intimidating. That's why at least one of the daughters actually said that the house was often times scary.
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    Punching holes in doors with daughters on the other side is scary. I'm sure a calm Gable would admit it as well. I don't in any way justify it. But, it's interesting to note that Gable's wife and daughters all seem to adore him. Obviously he communicated far more to them than just his fits of anger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Forget its Dan Gable for a moment. Just imagine a little girl told you that her dad flipped over the table and punched through her bedroom door because ha had a bad day at work. How would you feel about this?
    I'd say we had the same Dad. But my old man grabbed me by the throat and put the back of my head through my bedroom door. The wierd thing is, I didn't know that this type of behavior was abnormal until I left the coal towns of Western PA and joined the military. Hell, all of my friends and team mates were brought up in a violent family. His daughters, perhaps, may have had the same mentality as I did growing up but now, upon reflection, see it differently? Just say'n

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    It was, and is, a very powerful piece. It took a lot of courage for Gable to reveal his past and its demons, imo. While he may not have dealt with his traumas in the best ways, the article gave me a lot more insight into the man - and some better understanding of some not-so-nice attributes of his.

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