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Forget its Dan Gable for a moment. Just imagine a little girl told you that her dad flipped over the table and punched through her bedroom door because ha had a bad day at work. How would you feel about this? That doesnt mean Gable shouldnt have wrestled or was a horrible parent... but even great men have flaws and dealing with emotions healthily appears to be one of Gables, likely from the trauma and guilt he suffered as a youth. I would be interested to see what other great wrestlers- the Igalis and Burroughs and Karelins of the world- would think of this article. To what extent is Fables single mindedness a neessary trait to become the best?

I agree that it is extreme, but show me a person that said they have a perfect father or a perfect childhood and I'll show you a liar. Everyone has flaws and Gables have now been exposed. I think I admire him even more than I did before the article. I seriously doubt that he would have ever caused physical harm to his daughters. He just punched holes through doors instead. It's probably a great temporary stress reliever.

PS, I'll never say a word sideways about Gable. I have way too much respect for what he's done to put much emphasis on his minor drawbacks. His internal struggle makes him even more interesting to me.