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Thread: Mid Summer Predictions?

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    Default Mid Summer Predictions?

    Its got to be about time for these right? Jensen? Zapp? Vais? Tumbleweed?
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    Yeah, I just got back from vacation. I have some preliminary stuff done, but don't quite have it all hammered out. I think the people need to see Zapp's first anyways. TWT Nation anxiously awaits his placement of both Mike Evans and Eric Grajales.
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    Grajales has to place this year, right? Mike Evans, for reasons we mere mortals couldn't possibly understand, has allowed other wrestlers to win NCAA's the past two years. Surely his generosity will run out this year and he will claim the title.
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    Default Re: Mid Summer Predictions?

    /\ ! ! Awesome

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    I've been very busy with a lot of things this summer, but its definitely in my intentions to sit down and bang out a set of these especially given that I didn't get the chance to in the middle of the year last year.

    Need to be more diligent about putting things together for this section, I know I've fallen down on things a little bit through out the course of the spring/summer.
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    Default Re: Mid Summer Predictions?

    174 will simply be AWESOME ! My personal favorite wrestler is Deringer from Okie State . the kid just keeps getting better .
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    Default Re: Mid Summer Predictions?

    He really does, he and DSJ will have some battles next year.

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    Default Re: Mid Summer Predictions?

    I haven't sat down and started working on anything yet. I will in the next couple of weeks.

    SPOILER ALERT! Mike Evans will be predicted to rape and pillage along the 174 lb. coast.
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    Does anyone know anything about Howe other than going at 174? Zapp-I'm not saying that Howe has a chance against Evans, but I would say he has a decent shot of at least being runner-up!!!

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