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To me this only makes sense if Nevills is a better student and they hope to save scholarship money for other spots by him largely being on academic scholarship. I have not watched much of Nevills but I really think Haines is going to be a fantastic college wrestler. I would be a little surprised if Haines still ends up in happy valley.
I certainly don't have any inside information. But I'd be surprised if Haines transferred. I suspect he has a lot of confidence in himself and sees Nevills as having to prove himself. I don't think Haines will back off from the challenge. That said, I agree with others in finding this a bit puzzling as there are other weights that PSU needs help in down the line and pulling in 2 of the top 5 pfp wrestlers at the same weight is interesting. I suspect that Nevills didn't need a lot of scholly money (as others have suggested). I can't see Cael handing out major scholly money to 2 Hwt prospects, even as good as both of them are.