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If I remember correctly Kolat placed 3rd in midlands as a HS sophomore and has been ranked as the best HS wrestler ever and as great as he was in college he is never listed among the greatest college wrestlers, so in some ways he did not live up to expectations.

My point is not that Hahn and Kolat weren't any good, but rather it is almost impossible to fulfill expectation after the historic HS careers they had and it will be the same with Chance and Pico.
Unlimited potential can be a curse
I think part of Kolat's legacy is related to where he went to school his last two years. He did not have the PR machine from a prominent school backing him up to promote his record. I have always said that expectations are something the athlete cannot control, and in Kolat's case, that is true. I understand your position even though it makes Kolat's chances to meet them impossibly tough. It is likely that Taylor will have the same issue, but his PR machine is working better than Cary's.