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Also they want 2 x 3 pt moves or a 5 pt move to end a match... but only if you score them when you are already winning... or something
That sounds like an effort to encourage wrestlers who are winning to keep being aggressive instead of stalling. I get the idea, but I don't think it will work. Scoring a 3 or 5point move at that level is difficult enough to do once. The risk isn't really worth it at that point. Unless it's almost like a continuous move and if so, they would have probably gone for it anyway.

As a side question. And I'm not being a smart alec, I'm seriously wondering. Are the people who make the rules ex-wrestlers at all? I know my judo instructor can't stand new judo rules (he competed in the 60s) because he says that the guys doing the changes have never competed and therefore don't know as much as those who have. I don't know if anyone with FILA actually competed or not. Seems like a good idea to get competitors views. Do they?