I was wondering what you all would do if you were a big time HS recruit right now. Some guys, like David Taylor and Brent Metcalf, choose to follow a coach no matter what school he is at. Seems like a solid plan if you are sure that's the guy to get you to a national championship. Then you have guys like Derek St. John, who grew up in Iowa City and probably bleeds black and gold. I wonder if he would have chosen Iowa if Zalesky was still there and Brands was at VT. Then I have to wonder about the Stiebers and Tessari. I'll bet they chose tOSU because they love the school and were determined to make it better. Which probably played a role in recruiting Bo Jordan. So there are two equally strong ways of deciding.

Personally, I would like to say I would choose the Buckeyes no matter what. But if I got a guy like Brands or Sanderson coming after me, I'm not sure what I would do. I am certain I wouldn't choose Michigan no matter who the coach was or who else was in the room to make me better. But aside from that, I'm not so certain I couldn't be convinced to go somewhere besides Columbus. So, basically, I guess I'm saying that I would choose the coach and training partners over the school. What about you guys?