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    Quote Originally Posted by TomWright25 View Post
    Anyone have any idea when he got hurt during the season? For a month or two prior to NCAA's people were saying that he wasn't himself and you can even look back to his narrow win over Clark in the pre-season intrasquad dual and wonder if that was a factor way back in the beginning. By the tone of the posts so far, it doesn't sound like much word is out on it.
    What I've been told is he hurt it in the summer wrestling Freestyle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    ... I look to Jammen on all matters Matt McDonough.
    Just on McD?
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    whenever he wrestled those dual against Megaludis and the Minnesota guy, he was wrestling a lot like a guy with a hurt shoulder. He looked almost desperate not to get extended under his opponent, ie no leg attacks at all, just hoping to counter. As someone who has wrestled with a hurt shoulder, that's exactly what you would expect. Upper body stuff is not too bad, but getting someone's weight on the shoulder is just awful.

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    At the beginning of the season Clark only lost something like 3-2 to McD in the intrasquad dual which raised quite a few eyebrows! Now it looks like that result may have been affected by McD's injury. But a little while later Clark did beat Delgado by something like 6-1, so Clark's future does indeed look promising even if the McD result was tainted a bit by injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jammen View Post
    Just on McD?
    Or any other topic where Im looking for an ignorant perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconWrestlingKY View Post
    I wrestled on a torn meniscus and didn't even get invited to the banquet. McD should be grateful! Haha
    I wrestled on a sprained back and won easily. It was the other guy's back, but I wrestled on it.
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    I heard it was originally hurt last summer or fall in freestyle

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Or any other topic where Im looking for an ignorant perspective.
    I think you may have identified Jammens niche, cause that's I only read his posts when I'm looking for an ignorant Iowa perspective as well.

    McD's sudden inability to pull in a leg and finish a shot should have been proof enough that he was having some sort of physical issue. I'm not sure I saw him get stretched out and pull one in at all this year, when it was routine the prior three seasons. He's still one of the best hawks of all time. This season does not tarnish that in my mind.

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    McD never makes excuses and still in the article doesnt make any. But clearly he was hurt. He had surgery to repair whatever was hurt. Jammen can say what he wants, but you dont have surgery on anything unless it is severe enough to affect an athlete.

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