First, a commentary on FILA:
I went to the FILA website and the FILA facebook page. It was surprisingly hard to find the rules changes, and they were only summarized. Thanks to Jason Bryant for a more thorough discussion. Boo to FILA for once again showing how to not keep fans interested and informed.

I am quite comfortable with the 1 for pushout, 2 for a TD. But what if JB is about to score on one of his doubles near the edge, but on the way down, his arms touch OB first? Is this 1 point for his opponent? Also, just how much still needs to be in bounds for the TD to count?

IN general ,I tink I'm ok with the new passivity call with a 30-second shot clock. However, I don't think I like the mandatory passivity call. I have seen some great matches held to 0-0 after two minutes where neither wrestler was stalling at all (in my opinion). Maybe what they have in mind is there is the opportunity for a double 30-second call (wrestler A has 30 seconds, then wrestle B has 30 seconds). This sounds a whole lot like the ride out periods in folkstlye, just on their feet. And it also seems like one wrestler will stall his ass off during that 30 seconds period. Does that make it much better???