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Yeah, same. Very interested to see if Dake has a shot against Burroughs. There's no real reason to pick Dake, except that he's consistently won when people think he won't.

Speakinng of Howe... who are the best guys he has beaten? He's put a hell of a scare into Burroughs a couple of times, but has he actually won agaainst world class wrestlers before? I know he beat Matt Gentry (Olympic 5th) and lost to Haislan Garcia (world 5th) by clinches at the Hargobind... got tossed around by Geduev... any other significant results against world class competition?
I don't know how many world class results he has, if any beyond what you've described.

The fact that he has wrestled JB so tough says a lot, at least for me.