To my fellow league members,

First and foremost, please know how much I have enjoyed these past three years of participating in this fantasy wrestling league with such knowledgable and entertaining gentlemen such as yourselves. Although I was never the best participant, both in knowledge and in participation, I have truly valued the time that I have spent in this league.

Yesterday I recieved the news that I was accepted into a very rigourous and challenging graduate degree program. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity as my school system is not only paying for my degree, but they are actually paying me to get my degree. With me undertaking this new challenge, managing my high school Wrestling team, helping to coach Cross County, and me getting a promotion at work that will increase my workload exponentially my schedule has been filled up to capacity.

Because of these new developments, I don't foresee myself having enough time to allocate towards the league, and although I would love to be selfish and stay in the league just participating when I could, I know that there are many people on these forums who would love to be a part of Gold's league. Because of this, I am choosing to step down from this league and focus on my career and building my team to our best possible potential, and give another TWT member the opportunity to participate.

Once again, please know how much I have enjoyed getting to know all of you, and I still plan on hanging around on these forums, however it will be on a limited basis.

Thank you all so much, God Bless.