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Ive heard talk of going back to 2 x 3 min periods with pushouts being worth 1, takedowns 2, exposure 3, takedown to back, 4 and 5 points for grand amplitude.

Andy Hrovat also offered up the idea of having a 15 sec "shot clock" after a takedown happens. Once the takedown occurs, the top wrestler has 15 secs to get a turn no matter what. Adds a sense of urgency when a takedown occurs and allows time to make a turn happen.

I like revised scoring as I feel a TD should be worth more than a pushout, not sure about making exposure three points however.
The concept of the 15 sec clock after a TD seems to make sense, but I could also see 15 seconds as a long time for the top wrestlers just to cling on if he is not threatening a turn. Would be interesting to see it trialed in a international tournament.