Thoughts (without having acess to the video).

Lots of upsets at this tournament. Lester, Byers, Dlagnev losing; Stieber placing 4th, Kellen Russel winning were alre very unexpected IMO. Coleman Scott loses again, but not not really surprising considering he recently injured out of the Pan Ams, and Hump has beaten him before.

It's a testament to how good Burroughs is that he beats Taylor 4 takedowns to 1 and people are raving about how good Taylor looked. Burroughs always seems to end off his matches with an exciting scramble; from what I hear this one was no exception.

I don't know if flowrestlng will be archiving all the matches, but if someone has access to them I'd love to see Burroughs/Taylor, Pendleton/Michaelek, Coleman/Sanders, Blanc/Mcknight.

The WTT's will be VERY intersting this year. Am I correct that all national champions get a bye to the national finals? Can't wait to see the Howe/Dake/Taylor bloodbath in the 74 kg pool.

Oh and if you haven't already, watch the two greco matches posted on flo. Like, right now. Incredible.