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Thread: Iran, Russia and United States to wrestle in New York

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    With the future of 2020 Olympic Wrestling hanging in the balance, Iran, Russia and the United States are coming together to wrestle and promote the sport in New York City. The date is May 15th 2013 at New York’s Grand Central Station. Talks of another wrestling event on the other side of the country in Los Angeles a few days later.

    Rich Bender, the Executive Director of USA Wrestling, *confirmed the news on Tuesday. “This is a chance to show how wrestling unites nations. It’s classic diplomacy.” The proceedings will start at 3:30 pm ET, with Iran vs. United States. Then at 6:30 pm ET, the US will wrestle Russia in a meet that will feature Men’s freestyle, Women’s freestyle and Greco-Roman. There may also be new different scoring and rules in this event, but the teams haven’t quite decided yet.

    This is also not the first time for this event. It is the fourth annual Beat the Streets wrestling in New York. In 2012, US and Russia had a dual meet as a wrestle off for America’s final weight class for 2012 Olympic Wrestling. The year before, the United States wrestled Russia in Times Square (and came away victorious). 2010 was the first year as it was held abord the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier which was docked on the west side of Manhattan.
    For more on the meet, visit USA Today Wrestling.
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