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Thread: Dake wins Hodge Trophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    I don't recall ever being inspired by a team captain (or other wrestler) on my team in all of the years I ever wrestled. .
    If your team captain could not inspire you in anyway, then they never should have been a team captain. Actions more than words is what I looked for from a team captain when I elected one. I was elected my senior year in a landslide. Not by my words, but my actions. I was not the best, but I supported everyone and helped everyone from best to worst on the team. I lead by example even when I was not captain.

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    I guess I should further refine my statement. When I'm saying that I wasn't ever inspired by anyone on the team, I meant it in relation to the comment that Taylor appears to be a better leader (or less selfish, or whatever) than Dake. I can be inspired by watching someone bust their butt every day to be the best, but I get no inspiration from rah rah leadership. Ray Lewis with his squirrel dance and other BS was laughable to me, that wouldn't fire me up at all.

    So, I have been inspired by other wrestlers, but solely by their actions, not their words.

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