My situation:

I am currently a high school senior looking to wrestle at the D1 level next year. I have loved the sport of wrestling ever since I started six years ago. Coming into my senior year I knew I did not have the national or state credentials that most recruited wrestlers have. Therefore, last fall I started the college application process with the intent that I would probably not wrestle in college. Out of the 10 schools I applied to only one of them had a wrestling team (University of Michigan). My goal for my senior year was to place at the California State Championships. I fell short and went 3-2 (losing in the round of 16). I'm not trying to make excuses but I was dealing with some pretty serious family problems and getting over some injuries as well. On a better day I think I would have been a great candidate to place. Although I know that California is a pretty competitive state in high school wrestling, a 3-2 mark doesn't hold well against multiple time state placers and champs from other states (which is what I believe most D1 college wrestlers did in high school). Now that my high school career is over and I have had a few weeks off from wrestling, I am having a sudden change of heart and would like to continue wrestling at the next level. A couple weeks ago I received my acceptance letter to the University of Michigan, one of my top schools. I sent an email to the head coach describing my current situation about two weeks ago. I never got a response (which is completely understandable with the Big Tens and the NCAA Championships just happening). The problem is that I have to decide what school I am going to attend by May 1st. Since out of state tuition can be very expensive (50k+ a year), I would probably only go to Michigan if I had an opportunity to walk on to the wrestling team.

A few things about myself: I am a great student (4.0+gpa, great test scores) so I would not have any problems with eligibility. I am an extremely hard worker and I love wrestling. I plan to spend the next 5 months training hard to get ready for college wrestling.

I was wondering if anyone here could answer a few questions I had about D1 college wrestling (or more specifically Michigan's wrestling team). I know Michigan is in the Big Ten and has a very good wrestling program filled with great athletes but would the coach let someone like me (a mediocre high wrestler) try out for there team? Could someone explain the process of "walking on" and how exactly it works? Would I have to have prior contact with the coach and possibly start wrestling with the team over the summer? Or would I just start attending the school and show up to practice? Are there designated try outs? Also does anyone know what the best way to get a hold of the coaches at Michigan would be? As you can see I have very little knowledge on this subject and any information to clarify would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time