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I agree, which is why Cael will remain #1 until someone wins 4 titles, remains undefeated, and has stronger competition. However, due to the subjectivity of ranking GOATs, quality of competition is a huge factor. Dake's championship competition could end up being comprised of 5x NCs/6x RUs (11/16 finalists) and 15x AAs! Like Cael's undefeated record, Dake's quality of competition may never be matched.
If You are comparing losses than its not fair to exclude Cael's. Two of Dake's losses came as a true freshman and Cael lost as a true freshman. Cael still has a huge edge in the losses category and I think he's clearly the best college wrestler ever, I just think its unfair to downgrade Dake for a true freshman year that included 2 losses and one national title.