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    Who are the best wrestlers from the current "best of 3 rounds" wrestling era? Here's my shot at an all star team. My rule is you need to win at least 1/2 of your hardware under the current set of rules (ie Saitiev, Mussulbes, Yerlikaya and so on are not eligible).

    55 kg- Kudukhov. Might be cheating a bit to put him here since he won more at 60 kg, but even counting just his 55 kg results he'd be near the top.
    60 kg- M. Batirov (could switch with Kudukhov, I guess. Anyone know if they ever wrestled each other?)
    66 kg- Ramazan Shahin (could be any number of guys IMO)
    74 kg- Burroughs (by a hair over M. Murtazaliev at this point- wouldn't that have been a dream match!)
    84 kg- Sharifov
    86 kg- Gatsalov.
    120 kg- Taymazov (more hardware than Makhov).

    Greco- not so informed her so I'll try my best.
    55 kg- Sourian.
    60 kg- Albiev. (He was sooo good for a while; just to small for 66 at present)
    66 Mansurov (with help from the referees )
    74 kg- Vlasoev (Cebi would be a good choice too)
    84 kg- Mishine (Might be breaking my rule here- he won the Olympics under old rules, but some hardware under current rules too I think).
    94 kg- Khustov (maybe? Least consistent weight class ever)
    120 Lopez.
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