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Agree 100%, don't know what's up but he's not looking good at all.

I always just assumed that by this year Ramos would be wrestling 125 and McDonough would be up at 133 as he just looks too big for 25. I wonder if the weight cutting is catching up to him, or if he's gotten a bit...I don't want to say "complacent," but perhaps that extra drive you need, that "chip," you need on your shoulder, the one he had as a Freshmen who had something to prove and then the one who came back after losing to the guy who was the story of the year in Robles.

I don't know, maybe it's the weight, maybe some guys just need people doubting them, or don't do as well when people just assume you're going to win it.

Of course, at the end of the day, Malone is an EXTREMELY talented Freshmen, he has beaten Megdaludis this year and his only loss is Delgado, a guy who's a terrible matchup for him. So I don't want to make TOO much out of it, but as of now....not looking great.