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Thread: Amateur Wrestling Toolbar updates

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    Project Amateur Wrestling Toolbar updates

    Update Includes:

    - First update includes the addition of two wrestling search engines (TheMat and FloWrestling)

    - Various image updates

    If you already downloaded, it should automatically update the next time you completely restart you browser.

    1.01 download available here:

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    version 1.02 updated

    - Updated RSS feeds to include the college wrestling results feed.

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    Update 1.03 includes 18 State sites including Alabama, California, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North & South Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. There are other state sites out there. Submit them (the link is in the toolbar) to be reviewed.

    The toolbar is now a little over 1024 Pixels wide- which means screens with this resolution may display the toolbar on a second bar. You can add and remove the default content.

    Updated 1.1 should be released later this week- it will include a wrestling chatroom that all toolbar users will have access to. If you have anything else you'd like thrown it, let me know.

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    1.04 includes Chicks Heart Fights

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    Add Oregon,
    Oregon Wrestling Forum

    Don't you know who I am? I'm the JUGGERNAUT BIATCH!!

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    Added Oregon, Indiana, Michigan

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    Does the download designed to also work on Mozilla? I use that at my office and Sea Monkey at home. IE is only used in an emergency. If not, I may have to switch to Firefox which my husband has been using for years. Thanks.

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    Currently it is only supported in Firefox and IE, I believe that Sea Monkey is a spin off of FireFox, so it is possible that the Firefox download would work- I do not know how long ago Sea Monkey split off, but if the addon package is the same in SeaMonkey, it could work.

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    GREAT TOOLBAR BROTHER SCHLOTTKE! Can you add the Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling site to the state sites?
    Much appreciated and is my #1 toolbar at home and work!

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