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Thread: B1G Pick'em Contest

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    Default Re: B1G Pick'em Contest

    Good call...just updated my picks.

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    125: #3 Jesse Delgado
    133: #2 Tony Ramos
    141: Steven Rodrigues
    149: #6 Andrew Alton
    157: #4 James Green
    165: #1 David Taylor
    174: #5 Matt Brown
    184: #8 Cody Magrum
    197: #9 Alex Polizzi
    HVY: #7 Jimmy Lawson

    Not too happy with my guys at 141 or 197, but there really weren't any guys after #8 that I was thrilled with at any weight.

    EDIT: Since we're letting people stick with their original pre-seed picks I'm going to take Alton at 6th and Matt Brown instead of Blanton
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    125:#7 D Thorn
    133:#2 T Ramos
    141:#5 B Nelson
    149:#3 D Ness
    157:#4 J Green
    165:#1 D.Taylor
    174:#6 J Blanton
    184:#8 CJ Magrum
    197:#9 #9 Polizzi
    HVY:#10 Karageorge
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    Now that some of the seeds changed, this complicates things a little. Let me know if you think this is fair:

    1. If you picked Tessari and don't get a chance to change your picks, your default round 5 pick becomes the new #5 seed at 149, Andrew Alton.
    2. If you picked Tavanello and don't get a chance to change your picks, your default round 10 pick becomes the new #10 seed at 285, Kakageorge.
    3. If you picked C Dardanes, Andrew Alton, Loupachanski or others whose seeds went up, you don't have to change your picks to accomodate the new seeding. A bonus for getting your picks in early!
    4. If you picked someone like Ness or Quiroga, whose seed actually went down, I'm just going to leave you with that pick unless you change it before wrestling starts on Saturday.
    5. Feel free to change your picks up until wrestling starts on Saturday.

    I'll try and get out an update on everyone's teams score at the end of wrestling on Saturday.

    Thanks again for playing!

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    Been meaning to make sure to get in on this, cool thread idea. Tougher than I thought to put together a group that I liked.

    125: #7 David Thorn
    133: #2 Tony Ramos
    141: #8 Camryn Jackson
    149: #3 Dylan Ness
    157: #4 James Green
    165: #1 David Taylor
    174: #6 Jordan Blanton
    184: US Kyle Mosier
    197: #9 Alex Polizzi
    285: #5 Mike McClure
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    I've got #1-#5 in the finals, two in the semis, and one going for 7th/8th.

    I feel like that has to give me a pretty decent shot at winning this

    I know a few other people have five finalists as well, so its definitely not over yet
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    Here are the standings after Day 1:

    yakrider 113
    buford 111.5
    rynekey54 106.5
    Jkreisel 105.5
    LoST 104
    chocell 102
    vaisforlovers 98.5
    JensenS 98
    nlion91 93
    TomWright 88.5
    elamja2 87
    Trusty 87
    GAGE 84

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    Seems like I might have been overconfident based on how well my team is doing. There doesn't seem to be a way I could overtake Yak, since I have the same first 6 picks as him and he's somehow managed a massive lead by putting one extra guy in the consi semis
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    Congratulations to buford, winner of 2013 B1G Pick'em Challenge! Your demonstrated knowledge of B1G wrestling and wrestlers is unsurpassed, so next time I see you post something on about B1G wrestling, I know I'm going to pay a little closer attention. yakrider was a close second and consistently does very well in these pick'em contests. I remember him/her winning the ncaa pick'em contest a couple of years ago.

    buford 131.5
    yakrider 130.5
    rynekey54 125.5
    LoST 122
    chocell 122
    vaisforlovers 122
    Jkreisel 119.5
    JensenS 115.5
    TomWright 111
    nlion91 110.5
    elamja2 109
    Trusty 107
    GAGE 98.5

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