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Congratulations to buford, winner of thewrestlingtalk.com 2013 B1G Pick'em Challenge! Your demonstrated knowledge of B1G wrestling and wrestlers is unsurpassed, so next time I see you post something on about B1G wrestling, I know I'm going to pay a little closer attention. yakrider was a close second and consistently does very well in these pick'em contests. I remember him/her winning the ncaa pick'em contest a couple of years ago.

buford 131.5
yakrider 130.5
rynekey54 125.5
LoST 122
chocell 122
vaisforlovers 122
Jkreisel 119.5
JensenS 115.5
TomWright 111
nlion91 110.5
elamja2 109
Trusty 107
GAGE 98.5
Top 10 baby! Woo-hoo!!

Thanks for doing the contest Chocell.