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    Based on the thread title, I thought that this was going to be a thread about couples' difficulties between the sheets.
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    Every time I tried to sign in last night I got a Fatal Error. Today it could not find the website around 5:30pm Eastern Time.

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    It's definitely getting worse, I was off for about two hours today. Granted, I'm not sitting here like a monkey just hitting refresh, but it was nearly impossible to log on today.

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    Yeah, it was out from yesterday til today afternoon. What's going on?
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    Thanks for the updates, guys. Checking the Google Analytics seems to show that it was working earlier today until about 2pm central time. Then it was down for a few hours, up for an hour at 4pm, then down for a few more hours until just recently.

    Talked to Ty (username TC) and he said the site was getting attacked again and the RAM was getting sucked up fast, so from 4-6 it was down as he was working on it.

    Should be back up, let me know if it's not working for you guys (whether it be the site itself or doing stuff on it like signing in, etc).

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    I was unable to get on the site more than that report is displaying.
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