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    The rules as written do not clarify that "conference week" is two seperate weeks rolled into one week. However that is the spirit of the rule. The rule is intended to have one lineup for both weeks. It has been brought to our attention that one player has been using a strategy that does not parallel the spirit of the rule, but abides by the written rule. There is no way to make a ruling on this issue that is "fair" for everyone. My ruling is to play by the spirit of the rules. We will use one lineup for the two weeks that make up the conference season. It is the way that 89%, 8 of 9, of our members have been playing all year and I am ruling in favor of a super majority at this time.

    As dictator of this league I will not be changing my signature.

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    Our comish is complete trash in this league. 1st he tries to start like 13 guys while the rest of the league only gets 11 guys. Now he doesn't spell the rules out clearly for the league and completely points his finger right up Cy9's arse. I vote Cy gets to give the disfunctional comish a sig line from NCAA's until next draft season. Clearly our comish is a delusional Hawkeye fan.

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    Yep, its only fair. My vote is the winner of this league has to put an * by their name for year one because the rules were not clear, and Herkey has to give Cyfan9 control of his sig line for one calendar year.

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    I'm fine with the sig line and but I think commish made the correct ruling. I don't really have a problem with the * as *yoces51* looks pretty good to me!

    I think Herk has done a pretty great job this year with the group of people we have...I can't imagine that decisions would be made or all the different rules this league would have if either one of the above 2 were the commish. I will be voting for Herkey for next years commish as well.

    What we really need is a pre-draft rules meeting/party. This should be done in Chops garage just like your FF draft. That way no one can bitch about not being told the rules. (not that reading them is that tough)

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    I commish our Fantasy Football league to perfection Yoces. It is just that this commish only slants the rules in his favor. I am really RG should get to control Herky's sig line until next years draft. I also vote for a league rules/draft in person at someones house. I don't vote for my place as it is enough having the Fantasy Football draft every year. I vote for either DSM or Ceder Falls.

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