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I don't have much to add except to express my anger/frustration as well. And, puzzlement, in that I can't figure out a reason why the IOC would do it? The true reason will probably not be very palatable, but I can't even hypothize something that makes sense. Doug Blubaugh--can you enlighten us?
IOC is trying to minimize the number athletes in the Olympics becasue jsut the size of the event becomes unmanageable.
Sports with weightclasses are big targets because of the number of participants in the sport.
They is also a heavy bias toward TV friednly events that non-sports fans can enjoy (gymnatics, rythmic gymastics, diving, synchronozed swiimmg, synchronzed diving, etc.)

The big TV contracts mean huge money to the IOC and the TV networks expect rating in returns for the billions they pay for the TV rights.