I think we need to be look at the big picture. UNI had a LONG way to go compared to ISU. Yes, KJ was dealt a bad hand but ISU has way more going for it than UNI. The difference I think between KJ and Schwab are vast. Recruiting nationally and in IA Schwab holds the upper hand. I believe this is KJ's biggest weakness in Ames as high school kids don't really know who KJ is. It isn't KJ's fault but most of these kids were not alive when he won his Olympics. ISU standards have been dampered by Clone fans to the point that they see ISU and UNI on the same level. ISU hasn't been on the same level as UNI maybe ever. Schwab has had way more to do in Cedar Falls than KJ period. Schwab needed to rebuild the team, fanbase and facilities. KJ had to try and rebuild the team only and I don't think he is getting it done. I think if Schwab and KJ traded places ISU would be in a much better position overall. I like both KJ and Schwab but Doug had more to do as HC than KJ from day 1. For gods sake how many kids just quit at UNI because they didn't like the work required under Doug?