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If you want some interesting reading related to this, do some searches from a few years back on panthernation where Penrith was saying that the facilities needed upgrading, I agreed, and you had two lone voices in the wilderness getting screamed at to, "stop making excuses," and that "the facilites are fine and just like every other school's!"

Today, it's viewed as "Schwab is getting the job done." Oh my...

Ban I know a few former UNI wrestlers and they are now donating money again to UNI wrestling. I am told from 1 of them he is giving significant amount of $ to the program now that UNI Schwab is coach. He has always donated but quit giving money during the last few season of Penrith because of the product on the mat. He said he couldn't support the program that was completely getting beat on shape and hustle. He has also told me that several of the Alumni have come together in support of the program simply because of Doug. Doug has made it a family atmosphere for them and they appreciate this very much. This person wrestled for UNI back in the 90's when Penrith wasn't the coach. I was basing my comments on what he has told me of which I respect. Doug is doing all the right things off the mat to advance UNI wrestling and it will produce great product on the mat in the future. This person has told me if you don't have the backing from Alumni it is almost impossible to get facility approvements. He says Doug is doing all the correct things to get upgraded facilities and support.