What is going on? Is the Big Ten really this weak at 149? They might not have any AA's this year. Grajales is wrestling well right now....but we all know how quickly that can change. Ness has barely wrestled this year and when he did he was only okay in some matches. Alton has apparent conditioning or weight issues. Lopouchanski is the only Big Ten 149lber that has been consistent. Both Sueflohn & Tessari have had some flashes of brilliance but both have been average too.

Big ten record before, complete record after
7-0 Eric Grajales 17-3
4-1 Dylan Ness 7-2
6-1 Ivan Lopouchanski 20-1
3-2 Andrew Alton 21-2
5-2 Jake Sueflohn 17-4

According to rankings....it looks like: Oliver, Chamberlien, Vinson, and Sakaguchi will AA. Then maybe Brascetta, Von Ohlen, and Santos. That leaves only one spot for a Big Ten kid.

Will Grajales, Ness, Alton, and Lop be able to break into AA status at NCAAs?