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    Having looked at the match ups a little closer this could be a very exciting match. Dardanes versus Graff, Ness versus Schmitt, York versus Zilverberg, Cousins versus Yohn, Hein versus Schiller, Medbery versus Nelson. Those could all be really interesting matches that either wrestler could win.

    What say you? I think the Badgers probably come home with 4 wins, but 5 is not out of the question.

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    I'll pick Wiscy wins: Graff and York. My next pick would be Cousins. Sorry DC, but that's how I see it. Medbery is looking good, but not good enough yet for Nelson. Hein could give Schiller a good tussle, but I think Schiller wins.

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    I'd give Sconny Graff over Dardenes, and that's it. Sconny has some guys who should qualify for the NCAA: Graff, Schmitt, Leigel, Hein and Medberry, but I only see Graff and Medberry placing. Waited until NEXT year. :-)
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    If Thorn & Chris Dardanes are 100%, I think Minnesota pitches a shutout in Madison.

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