I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by the the Buckeyes today. Nice win for Tessari over Alton. Alton needs to get better at denying legs. He got ridden like a rented mule. I haven't seen video of the Demas match, but it was a pretty unpopular non-call at the end. I didn't have a good view from where I was sitting to see if he had a good lockup on the cradle at the end. It's obvious the D Alton isn't quite in match shape yet, but he was able to hold on. When that one didn't go the Buckeyes way, I knew that was the end as far as hopes for a Buckeye upset. DT and Ruth did what they do and Wright just beat Courts in every 50/50 position. I feel for Capone, he wasn't doing too bad until the shoulder popped. As for the Stiebers......They just dominate people.