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He beat Dardanes like a drum -who would you have at #4 ?
Russ--A basic question is how they determine the seeds. My understanding is that the #1 factor is record in B1G and secondarily their overall season match results/ranking. I don't know either Thomas's or Dardanes's B1G records thus far, but the best Thomas could be is 6-2 as he lost 2 duals this past weekend. I know he MD'ed Dardanes, but I understand Dardanes was sick at the time, so don't put a lot of stock in that one. Conaway will be 6-2 after this week's match against Stieber (his 2 losses being Stieber and Ramos). He has beaten both Graff and Thomas. So, in answer to your question, I would put either Dardanes or Conaway (or perhaps both) ahead of Thomas.