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Thread: Vaith over Nevinger

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    #18 Vaith beats #10 Nevinger 5-0
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    Quote Originally Posted by GAGE View Post
    #18 Vaith beats #10 Nevinger 5-0
    nice win for luke !!!!! look out for him to finish strong this season !!!!! go pride!!!!!!!

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    I know that Nevinger was an AA last year, but this year his results have not been impressive (I thought that before his match with Vaith). I'm not sure how he was still ranked #10. Ballweg is only #8 and he seems WAY ahead of Nevinger at #10.

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    after the top 4-5 guys 141 falls levels off quite a bit and #5-15 are all in the hunt to low AA-especially if Futrell can't make it back by Big 10's.
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    Only the top 2 have clearly separated themselves IMO

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    Vaith and Nevinger-Two complete enigmas
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