Hey guys, any referees or any of you guys out there who have access to the video of this match? Would appreciate your analysis of the last 30 seconds of the match. Here's what I saw.

I just watched the last 30 seconds in slow motion and it was a very bizarre sequence of events that will be hard to describe without seeing the match but I'll try. First of all if York had hit his high crotch with more technique his underhook would have come down and been in place to block the "slideby". The "slideby" wasn't really a slideby but was a shuck without the drag. Walsh did take York to the mat and had his leg in but never locked around his head in a Merkel position or around his body. At this point, York quickly makes an adjustment to get out and you can see the ref signalling 2 points, (very premature in my opinion) however, immediately after that with his leg now out Walsh locks his hands around York's chest and pulls him back in bounds. If the takedown was awarded previously, this is definitely locked hands on Walsh that was not called and would have resulted in a fresh start. Instead Walsh puts the legs in and breaks York down, game over.

Hoping you guys can take a look at this and see what you think. If this had been reviewed I'm thinking it would either be takedown with locked hands, or no change and they go to overtime.