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Thread: Where you Homers at ?

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    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Where you Homers at ?

    We agreed on every match save Ballweg-I haven't been impressed with Dardanes this year. Either of them really yet nick in particular.
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    We only disagree on one (and this may just be me being a pessimistic fan).

    I'd put 41 down as a win for Iowa with the caveat that you mention that Dardanes' double could/should eliminate some of Ballweg's leg pass defense that he likes to use when guys shoot high c's on him.
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    It was hard to separate my ballweg fandom and reality. It's possible that he's just really good now and is better than Nick. Love to be wrong as Mark is someone I admire for his dedication.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Where you Homers at ?

    Good writing VA, you have me excited to watch. It wasn't that much of a sell since it should be the best dual match up in the B10 this year, but still...

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    VA obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

    125 McDonough dec Thorn 3-0 Iowa
    133 Ramos maj Dardanes 7-0 Iowa
    141 Ballweg dec Dardanes 10-0 Iowa
    149 Ness dec Kelly 10-3 Iowa
    157 St. John maj Zilverburg 14-3 Iowa
    165 Yohn dec Moore 14-6 Iowa
    174 Evans dec Storley 17-6 Iowa
    184 Steinhaus dec Lofthouse 17-9 Iowa
    197 Schiller dec Burak 17-12 Iowa
    285 Nelson dec Telford 17-15 Iowa

    Dual will never really be in doubt. Maybe I'll take a nap around 3pm.

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    Here are my picks:

    125--McD Dec 3-0 Iowa (McD has not been majoring people lately, ?weight problems)
    133--Ramos MD 7-0 Iowa
    141--Dardanes Dec 7-3 Iowa (though I think that Ballweg has a real shot here)
    149--Ness Dec 7-6 Iowa
    157--St John Dec 10-6 Iowa
    165--Yohn Dec 10-9 Iowa
    174--Storley Dec 10-12 Minnesota
    184--Steinhaus Dec 10-15 Minnesota
    197--Schiller Dec 10-18 Minnesota
    Hwt--Nelson Dec 10-21 Minnesota

    This is how I think each weight will come out, but it's also a worst-case scenario for Iowa, as they have real shots at 141, 165, 174.

    It's a shame that Minn & PSU don't wrestle this year and have all 3 teams wrestle each other. I think Minn matches up better with Iowa than PSU does.
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    Default Re: Where you Homers at ?

    McDonough always seems to turn on the after burners just when people start thinking that he's "losing" his edge. I'll bet that he ends up finishing this season pretty dominant.
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    Default Re: Where you Homers at ?

    125 McDonough dec Thorn 3-0 Iowa
    133 Ramos dec Dardanes 6-0 Iowa
    141 Dardanes dec Ballweg 6-3 Iowa
    149 Ness dec Kelly 6-6
    157 DSJ dec Zilverburg 9-6 Iowa
    165 Yohn dec Moore 9-9
    174 Storley dec "Scratch" Evans 12-9 MN
    184 Steinhaus dec Lofthouse 15-9 MN
    197 Schiller dec Burak 18-9 MN
    285 Nelson receives forfeit 24-9 MN
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