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Thread: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

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    Any details on Sat/Scott?

    Metcalf got beaten up in the finals.

    I thnk the Kazack is the guy Haze lost to at the Olympics.

    Please post more videos when they become available.

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    66 final
    wow bekbulatov needed less than a minute for 8:0 (3,2,3) vs. metcalf.
    he won the 2nd period 4:1 or 4:2 (after the first several seconds there was not live stream anymore)

    to watch the match - in the hours and minutes lines under the video, select time 20:41, then click on the first link over the hours' line.


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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Any details on Sat/Scott?
    Scott got nearly pinned.
    The semifinals are at 14:00 - 14:45
    66 on the central mat - metcalf-kurbanaliev somewhere at 14:30
    60 on the right mat (right in the plan of the cameras) sat-scott at 14:06

    In 2 hours it will be midnight there and Jan 27 begins, so before selecting time and minutes don't forget to change the date - select 2013-1-26.
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    on the same mat, central, you can watch metcalf-ramonov (1/4fin) at 13:50
    a pin by tsabolov (2011 jr world champ) at 12:33.
    then, a after another pin (rasul murtazaliev pins yousefi of iran) at 14:21, you can watch future champ bekbulatov vs tsabolov (1/4fin).

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    60 kg murad nukhkadiev's 5 pt throw vs. rustam ampar
    Мурад Нухкадиев Рустам Ампар 5 балов - YouTube

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    many exciting matches today
    among them from camera #4 (central mat)
    at 10:23 - 84 kg ktsoev vs bayat (iran)
    11:25 - 96 kg ketoev def. arslanbek aliev
    12:48 - 96 kg boltukaev destroying and eventually pinning gadisov in the 1/4finals
    13:15 - 96 kg gatsalov def. ketoev in the 1/4finals
    13:26 - 96 kg boltukaev in the semis

    camera 5 (right mat)
    at 12:43 ktsoev pinning gavin
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    in trouble: magomed ibragimov after beating albert saritov in the semis, 84 kg
    Кипиш на Ярыгина - YouTube

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    finals? I heard Gatsalov went out as well. Gadisov reallly got stomped there, and there was a 5 pt throw on the other mat as this was going on.

    I enjoyed Gatsalov/Ketoev, is the the first time the two have wrestled?
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