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Thread: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

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    Default 2013 Yarygin Tourney

    Jan 25-27

    Jan 25 - 55 and 74 kg FS; 51, 59 and 67 kg FW
    Jan 26 - 60 and 66 kg FS; 48, 55, 63 and 72 FW
    Jan 27 - 84, 96 and 120 FS

    Preliminaries begin at 10 am local time = 9 pm EST on the day before (minus 13 hours difference).
    Medal matches - each day at different time: 6:45, 6:30 and 3:30 pm local time.

    Live stream:
    Трансляция Гран-При Ярыгина
    over the video frame - links to 5 different cameras


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    Default Re: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

    hmm... the second link can't be posted here properly.
    anyway it's visible.
    right to video frame, there is a plan of the hall with 5 selectable cameras.

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    Default Re: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

    Login Participants are listed here, the site usually has some good coverage of these tournaments as well. Looks like the turnout is not that great this year. No Otarsulatanov at 55- I hope he does not stay away for too long, he is one of my favorites!

    Also, a there's a rumor on the thread listed above the Lebedev is moving up in weight. I imagine Open Sat is banging his ehad against a wall right now; although it's not of the question for him to beat both Lebedev and Kudukhov IMO. Not sure if any of the three are coming to the Yarygin.

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    check this referee call

    There are problems again with posting a link to that site. Copy it and open the page; then follow the instructions in the picture I attached.
    This is a 74 kg match Russia vs. Iran.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	VIDEO74.jpg 
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    Default Re: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

    I knew Geduev/Khubetzy would be a great match and I wasn't disappointed. I really didn't like that point awarded in the clinch though. I know FILA likes to award quick takedowns in the clinch, but come on now... that was a great scramble, why stop it with a chintzy point like that?

    Anyone else think Geduev has at least an outside chance to beat Tsargush and Burroughs this year?

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    Default Re: 2013 Yarygin Tourney


    60 kg
    final Opan Sat vs. Bogomoev
    Sat beat Scott in the semis.

    66 kg
    final Metcalf vs. Ilyas Bekbulatov
    Metcalf beat Soslan Ramonov and in the semis Rasul Murtazaliev 0:2, 5:0, 6:0.

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    Default Re: 2013 Yarygin Tourney

    final - Opan Sat beat Alexander Bogomoev 1:0, 2:1
    3rd place: Scott lost to Daulet Niyazbekov (KAZ, 5th at 55 kg! at London) 0:1, 0:1.

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