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Thread: Ohio ST vs Wisconsin

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    I'm still not sure what Tyler Graff's strategy is. Once you get up 8 points and gain the major decision it makes no sense to continue on with takedowns and not even attempt to ride and turn your opponent. You are gaining nothing for the team. Maybe he's just trying to set the Wisconsin take down record. I'm confused!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisy Cutter View Post
    Did you guys watch the Campolatanno versus Hein match? I thought the takedown in the first period by Campolatanno was very questionable. Didn't appear any of the Badger folks questioned the call, but to me it didn't appear he had control before going out of bounds. That turned out to be the match right there.
    Going from memory since I haven't seen any video, that was a call which probably could have been called either way. The Badger coaching staff already had a warning from an earlier call, which is probably why they didn't at least go to the table for an explanation. The official in the Blanton v. Storley match probably waves off the takedown if he awards it at all.

    It certainly got an eyebrow raise from me, when the official didn't wave off the takedown.

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