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    Default UNI/Okie

    Kyle Garcia (125) Chocktaw, Okla. (Fr.) 9-8
    Cody Brewer(133) Kansas City, Mo. (RFr.) 14-4
    Kendric Maple(141) Wichita, Kan. (RJr.) 17-0
    Nick Lester(149) St.Louis Mo. (RJe.) 11-5
    Matt Lester (157) St. Louis, Mo. (RJr.) 12-4
    Bubby Graham (165) Annapolis, MD (RSr.) 14-2
    Matt Reed(174) Wichita, Kan. (Fr.) 12-8
    Nolan McBryde (184) Keller, Texas (Fr.) 3-4
    Brad Johnson(197) Lockport, Ill. (Fr.) 11-9
    Keldrick Hall(HWT) Dallas, Texas (Sr.) 7-10
    Oklahoma starters above -
    125-Jaunch making a big pull -Colon REALLY let down his teammates -Garcia dec
    133-Brewer/Wolfie -2 tough youngsters-toss up
    141- Maple is clear favorite yet Lazor is TOUGH Maple dec
    149-Lester vs/ Reiter ?Hiatt ?-Lester dec-IF hiatt wrestles I'll take him.
    157-Lester /bonin -Bonin dec
    165-Graham -Jensen-Graham dec(Jensen has a bright future)
    174-Caldwell fall
    184 -Loder could turn the match around with a fall
    197-johnson is a hard nosed kid -Johnson dec
    285-I dislike Hall and every wrestler like him-a ton of talent an no work ethic Beale ?? Dec.
    -6-4 okie-this match is really pretty close upon closer examination.
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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    OU seems to be a good bit more balanced than NIU. For sake of match interest it's too bad that NIU's strength for the most part doesn't match up with OU's strength. 133 should be interesting as well as 149,157. Reiter I believe transferred in from Minn didn't he? Don't know much about him except his family pedigree.

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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    Garcia dec
    Brewer dec
    Maple Maj
    Lester dec
    Lester dec
    Graham dec
    Caldwell Maj
    Loder Maj
    Johnson dec
    Hall dec ??

    Tough match to predict with the toss up at 133 and 285. Don't think Lazor will keep it within 8 of Maple. The Lesters haven't impressed this year, but I still have them both winning extremely close matches. Caldwell is pretty tough, this will either be a major or a pin. Loder will demolish McBryde, hoping to avoid the fall here. 197 and 285 could both be toss ups. I have it 22-8, but I'm extremely bias towards OU.

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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    Hiatt is done for this year and had/having shoulder surgery

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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    Buford is right: Hiatt is out for the season, so Bart Reiter has been wrestling at 149. Reiter is a transfer from Minnesota (even though he's from this area), and has been as solid at 149 than Hiatt would have been. He won't make it easy for Lester, for sure. If all goes right, he can beat Lester too.

    Jauch can definitely beat Garcia. Jauch almost always gets a good lead (yes, even at 125 so far), but loses it at the end. Against Air Force he was WAY ahead, and got tossed at the end of the third for a pin. Again, this could be a win at 125.

    Forgot the first time: 133 is the feature match of the night. If Wolfensperger is OFFENSIVE, Brewer won't handle him. If he plays defense (which he has been prone to), Brewer wins. Hate to be so bold, but Brewer isn't in Wolfensperger's league if Wolfensperger wrestles HIS match, which is action.

    Yes, Maple beats Lazor, but, as I said in another thread, if Maple gets into the position where Lazor does his damage, we will get to see how good Maple is in that position. Lazor is brutal when people fall into that postion.

    Lester/Bonin is ANYONE'S guess. If the tough Bonin shows up, I'll go Bonin, otherwise...

    HWT has been disappointing for UNI so far this year. Neither HWT (Beale and Krumweide) have been very good so far, so that is a BIG match that UNI needs. Not sure who will start, as both have started this year so far, but I would guess it will be Beale.

    All in all, yes, Oklahoma wins, but it's strange how their team rankings are so far apart, yet the dual has potential to be pretty close, if all goes well for UNI.

    Can't wait!
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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    Glad to see you posting more often . Your wisdom has been missed.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    I have but one correction: Wolfensperger is not in Brewer's league. All else was equal tonight, and Brewer kicked his butt.

    Other than that, that's it; I don't want to encourage the UNI bandwagon anymore, as the West gym will become obsolete fast if this bandwagon keeps growing, and UNI wrestling is best in the West gym.

    However, we could have used those new converts during the lean years. The TEAM and UNI needed ya.
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    Default Re: UNI/Okie

    WOW, great win for UNI tonight!

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