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    Kyle Garcia (125) Chocktaw, Okla. (Fr.) 9-8
    Cody Brewer(133) Kansas City, Mo. (RFr.) 14-4
    Kendric Maple(141) Wichita, Kan. (RJr.) 17-0
    Nick Lester(149) St.Louis Mo. (RJe.) 11-5
    Matt Lester (157) St. Louis, Mo. (RJr.) 12-4
    Bubby Graham (165) Annapolis, MD (RSr.) 14-2
    Matt Reed(174) Wichita, Kan. (Fr.) 12-8
    Nolan McBryde (184) Keller, Texas (Fr.) 3-4
    Brad Johnson(197) Lockport, Ill. (Fr.) 11-9
    Keldrick Hall(HWT) Dallas, Texas (Sr.) 7-10
    Oklahoma starters above -
    125-Jaunch making a big pull -Colon REALLY let down his teammates -Garcia dec
    133-Brewer/Wolfie -2 tough youngsters-toss up
    141- Maple is clear favorite yet Lazor is TOUGH Maple dec
    149-Lester vs/ Reiter ?Hiatt ?-Lester dec-IF hiatt wrestles I'll take him.
    157-Lester /bonin -Bonin dec
    165-Graham -Jensen-Graham dec(Jensen has a bright future)
    174-Caldwell fall
    184 -Loder could turn the match around with a fall
    197-johnson is a hard nosed kid -Johnson dec
    285-I dislike Hall and every wrestler like him-a ton of talent an no work ethic Beale ?? Dec.
    -6-4 okie-this match is really pretty close upon closer examination.
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