One thing I noticed in the match was that Triggas was noticeably larger than Thorn which kind of surprised me. I would guess that he is making a large cut himself. I agree with dback that Triggas is a definite AA threat with his really nice defense and that Thorn is right there with him.

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I think that Thorn will be fine at 125, but any gopher insiders know if the cut is killing him this year? Was 133 really a cut for him last year? Seems that early this season the cut may be affecting his wrestling slightly, but I dont know that for sure. Come B1Gs we will know a lot more about where he is at, and if he is a serious threat.

Also, Triggas is already an AA, and he has the skills. Before, he was a small 125, but seems to have grown into the weight nicely. Im not saying he will AA, but he is at least a round of 12 type guy.