Need to get votes from everyone as far as what we do with TLV and R.Payton's teams with the two of them leaving the league. All of their guys (and anyone dropped) would be available if we go with the draft now options.

As an aside here are the best 14 guys (we have 12 people now) between their teams.

1. Nick Dardanes
2. Evan Henderson
3. Dylan Ness
4. Trent Sprenkle
5. Alex Dieringer
6. Logan Storley
7. Kevin Steinhaus
8. Jake Meredith
9. Tony Nelson
10. Nico Megaludis
11. Levi Mele
12. Jake Sueflohn
13. Peter Yates
14. Robert Kokesh

I've contributed my vote, but if I'm outvoted I will take the majorities decision.